An Engineering Manager's Guide to Goal Setting E-book

Strong Performance Management, LLC
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A practical guide to goal setting for engineering managers.

This book is targeted for engineering managers, those who are transitioning or have recently transitioned from an engineering role into management. I help managers do their jobs with more confidence, so they can maximize their impact and gain more satisfaction from their work. Life is too short to be frustrated by workplace challenges that go unresolved. I believe that the more confident we are about our roles, the better positioned we are to support our teams and thrive in our work. Whether you are new to management or a seasoned manager looking to further enhance your skillset, I’m here to support you on your management journey.


·       What is Goal Setting?

·       Why Goal Setting Matters

·       Organizational and Departmental Goals

·       Cascading Goals

·       Goal Setting and Performance Management

·       Your Organization’s Goal Setting Practices

·       Goal Setting with Inherited Employees

·       Common Goal Setting Pitfalls

·       Goal Setting and Your Career

·       Goal Setting and Your Life

Hello! My name is Tuesday Strong. I am a management coach for engineers and technical professionals. I also offer professional development support via webinars and e-books. I help technical professionals strengthen their foundational skills and management abilities.

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10 Chapters with How-to Content, 67 Pages, Actionable Advice & Techniques for Engineering Managers (in PDF and ePUB)

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An Engineering Manager's Guide to Goal Setting E-book

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